You too can become an IoT developer

Millions of men and women, even some political and business leaders are quite scared of IoT. IoT is the popular acronym used across Silicon Valley and other millions of men and women who have become strong adherents and participatory practitioners of this concept, for the Internet of Things. The main cause of concern among the first-mentioned millions is the loss of jobs and consequential loss of income.

It is predicted that by the end of this decade, now just around the corner, there will be over a billion IoT devices which many of these worried men and women currently cannot use. And before they know it, there’ll be a trillion such devices. But if they try, they can learn how to use them.

An objective line can also be taken to this cause for alarm that is sweeping the world in the sense that world history does have a peculiar or nasty habit of repeating itself. You could go back as far as the first Industrial Revolution and learn how thousands of poor and underdeveloped men and women were confined to the margins or had their menial wages reduced even further. But then you can also learn how this much-maligned IoT can work in everyone’s favor, including yours.

Because this informational article on the Internet of Things is so short, it’s more of an introduction really, take some of your own time out to find out more on how the concept truly works. One jargonized definition being used to describe future participants and role players is that of the IoT developer. So, to conform to that regularly used term by tech scribes, let us just say that you too can become an IoT developer.