5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Stay in a Hotel on the North Carolina Coast

If you are visiting the coast of North Carolina for an unforgettable adventure, you’ll need lodging for that adventure. While a hotel is the typical lodging choice for most travelers, perhaps it is time to think outside of the box, and look at North Carolina coast rentals instead. There are many reasons why choosing a rental home is better than a hotel, and we’d like to share five reasons why this option is better than a hotel.

  1. Hotels are expensive, even when you choose one of the cheaper brands, and some of the hotel options on the beach costing well into the hundreds of dollars per night, with added fees for extra persons. This is all for a tiny room often with minimal amenities. Guest homes provide more of what you need at a better cost.
  2. A guest house has room for you and the crew. When traveling in a larger group, having a guest home ensures that everyone that goes together, stays together.
  3. These rentals feel more like home than a hotel. That is something that is usually lacking in a vacation, but the problem is remedied when you opt to choose a guest house rental over a hotel.
  4. Utilizing a guest home on Bald Head Island puts you right on one of the gorgeous beaches that you come to explore, whereas a hotel cannot get you so close. And, those that are within a proximity are overly expensive in many cases.
  5. You get more at a guest home than a hotel could ever think to offer, and you have far more money and freedom to explore the fun that you came to experience. Remember, this excitement is found only on Bald Head Island!